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This study aims to determine the types of French conjunctions contained in the text of the news in the Le Monde newspaper and to show how the conjunctions are appropriately used in the text. In addition, this study also aims to determine how the meaning of these conjunctions when used in different contexts. The method used in this research is qualitative research method and data sources are texts in the Le Monde newspaper that were taken by way of purposive sampling. Based on the analysis of data from 31 sentences that include the word conjunctions; 13 are contrasting conjunctions that serve to contrast the two elements like mais, alors que, pourtant, contre, malgré, quand même and même.; two coordinative conjunctions of et that serve to combine two or more elements; one subordinating conjunctions moins...que that states the relationship of comparisons; eight conjunctions which state the cause, both the types of coordinating or subordinating such as due à, en raison de faute de, puisque, grâce à,  dan en effet; three subordinating conjunctions state the purpose such as pour que and afin de, and four coordinating conjunctions state the conclusions such as ainsi and enfin. From these results, it is concluded that the meaning of conjunction is extremely contextual, not absolute to only one meaning.

Keywords: French, conjunction, meaning, context, le Monde

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